Easy WHS Software


EASYWHSSOFTWARE.com.au has been developed to showcase easy to use workplace health and safety software. Products listed on this website should meet one key criteria - they should be easy to use!


Easy Incident Manager - This incident manager software allows you to quickly and efficiently track incidents and injuries within your workplace. It it an easy to use and intuitive accident and incident database. Incident Records are easily located via a familiar and intuitive interface. For each incident you can record injuries, as well as action items that have arisen as a result of the incident or accident. You can quickly and efficiently email incident reports to relevant managers and supervisors. The injury module helps you keep track of workers compensation, absences, as well as rehabilitation.


Easy Restbreak - If you spend all day working on a computer, it is easy to become fatigued and tired. There is also some evidence to suggest that sitting at a computer for hours on end can cause fatal blood clots. Easy HR Rest Break sits quietly in the system tray and at the specified interval reminds you to take a break. Easy HR Rest break uses a Smart Timer that resets itself when it detects that you are not at your computer.